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4 Best Smart Watches for Kids

Smartwatches are popular wearables that do much more than telling the time. These wearables help with a lot of daily activities and can keep track of multiple things.
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Smartwatches are popular wearables that do much more than tell the time. These wearables help with a lot of daily activities and can keep track of multiple things. Smartwatches for children support various apps and games and are designed to keep them active and encourage learning.  

Best smartwatches for kids

Here are the four best smartwatches for kids to help them learn and grow.

 1. Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch

Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch is an age-appropriate, educational smartwatch with many fun, learning features. It can help them learn to tell time and features an alarm clock, calendar, timer, stopwatch, built-in camera, and lots of fun games for entertainment.

 2. X5 Play Smartwatch

It is a durable, highly functional waterproof smartwatch with tough glass and a step counter. X5 Play Smartwatch for kids is an Android-based watch with a built-in nano-SIM card slot. It can be activated with the mobile carrier for calls and texts. This smartwatch also comes with Google Maps integration, which lets you track your kid’s location and alerts you if they exit a set boundary. It also comes with a built-in camera to take fun pictures.

3. Vivofit Jr. 2

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 is a fitness tracker that tracks activity, and sleep quality and helps encourage good habits in kids. It lets parents set goals for daily activities and send alerts and lists to their children. They can also set up their contact information in an “in case of emergency” screen to help their kids in any unexpected situations.

This watch is also waterproof and comes with a strong long-lasting built-in battery that lasts for over a year.

 4. Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

It is one of the highest-rated smartwatches for kids and features various games, challenges, activities, and a built-in camera to help children learn and grow. The Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 also has helpful features such as a calculator, pedometer, timer, stopwatch, alarm, and more. This watch is highly durable, scratch-proof, and waterproof, making it a great choice for active kids.

Choosing the proper smartwatch for your kid

Getting a smartwatch for a kid can be a big decision. While you may not want your kids spending too much time on gadgets, the right gadgets can help them learn and grow. Here are some things to consider when choosing a smartwatch for your kid.


Kids are not as careful with gadgets as adults. You need a watch that can sustain scratches and be handled roughly. If your child likes to play outdoors and needs a smartwatch for fitness activities, then durability must be one of the top factors to consider when buying a smartwatch.


Some smartwatches are meant for education and entertainment, while some are designed for fitness. Determine the purpose of the smartwatch for your kid and choose the one that has the features to serve the purpose.


Age is another great factor to consider when buying a smartwatch for a kid. Younger kids need watches with simple features and may use them for education and games, while teens may be more into fitness watches.

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