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7 Biggest AI Trends to Watch Out This Year

With such extensive use of AI technology in all aspects of life, it is safe to say that AI is the future.
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In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has seen rapid advancements. AI-enabled tools and devices are being used for everyday tasks in businesses as well as homes. And these smart essentials are only getting smarter.

Here are the seven biggest AI trends you can watch out for this year:

1. Artificial Intelligence in Metaverse

Metaverse is a virtual world where individuals and organizations can interact and do activities that we can perform physically in the real world. AI is one of the main technologies used in the metaverse to make it an immersive experience. In the metaverse, humans will also be allowed to share the environment with AI machines to perform various activities and complete certain tasks.

2. AI-driven Vehicles

The automobile industry will get more technologically advanced as the AI-enabled systems in vehicles get better. This will make the travel and driving experience of users smoother and safer as AI-enabled engines can detect obstacles in the way and alert the driver,  reducing the chances of accidents. Tesla also confirmed that all its cars will be self-driving. However, they may not be available in the market just yet.

3. Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks are on the rise, now more than ever. With the growing number of devices, the risk of a failure point where the attackers can gain access from also increases.

This is where AI can help in protection against cybersecurity attacks. Using AI, the patterns around network traffic can be read and any suspicious activities can be identified.

4. Workforce Augmentation

The myth that AI will take over human work completely may not be entirely true. The fact remains that as businesses increase their usage of AI to analyze data, employees need to evolve with it and enhance their skills to become more efficient. Global workforces need to stay updated and get the best out of intelligent technology.

5. Artificial Intelligence in Creativity

Though creativity is one area where humans are the experts, machines are catching up fast. We already know how extensively AI is used for gaming. Other than that, this technology can also be significantly used for creating music and poetry. 

6. Efficient Language Modeling

Language modeling is the use of machines to convert data to communicate with humans in a language they understand. This area will witness significant improvement this year as AI gets smarter. We will also be able to convert human languages into codes that can run applications smoothly.

7. Low/No Code AI

Finding highly skilled AI engineers to develop algorithms and tools is a major concern today. Low/No code AI can help overcome this challenge as it can offer simple interfaces that can be used to create complex systems on AI. No-code AI systems can help create applications efficiently by entering data into pre-created modules.

With such extensive use of AI technology in all aspects of life, it is safe to say that AI is the future.

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