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Mobile Magic: How AR Improves Customer Journey

Mobile Magic: How AR Improves Customer Journey
AR helps brands build an engaging immersive experience. Customers can now visualize how products will look in real life, which has drastically improved the purchasing of furniture, accessories, and beauty products.
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The way consumers interact with brands has undergone a profound transformation in recent years. The rise of augmented reality (AR) in mobile technology has been a driving force to bring forth this transformation that has reshaped the customer journey and experiences through and through.

AR helps brands build a comprehensive and engaging immersive experience which makes the customer journey more responsive. With the help of AR, customers can visualize how products will look in real life. This has drastically improved the purchasing of furniture, accessories, fashion, and beauty products.

Which companies are using AR to enhance their customer journey?


BMW leverages the power of AR technology to provide its customer with an engaging and unique experience through their mobile phones. A consumer can see the car and easily customize it according to their preferences. Consumers can also select the desired color tone and finish of their desired car model.


Ikea introduced its “Place” app to elevate the virtual experience for its customers. By using this app, any customer can virtually try Ikea products and place them inside their home and see how they look and whether they fit or not. By simply pointing the camera at the position/place where they want the product to be placed, customers can see the overall look of the furniture and make sure that it looks good before placing the order.


L’Oreal uses AR in its 2 apps, Style My Hair and Makeup Genius, which allow users to have a realistic view of trying their makeup virtually and trying different hair colors by just using the camera on their phone. As most people are hesitant to shop for beauty products online because of the lack of visuals as to how the product might look on them, L’Oreal completely changed the industry by providing a unique solution and experience to the customers that also helped boost their sales.


By creating new experiences, brands can better allure their customers and increase their engagement and sales. Walmart partnered with popular media franchises such as Marvel and DC Comics to make a unique and exclusive superhero-themed AR experience at selected outlets. It also collaborated with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which created special interactive signage throughout Walmart stores.


Amazon has been one of the pioneers in using AR technology to enhance virtual shopping experiences for its customers. With “View In Your Room” and “Virtual Try-on”, Amazon has created 2 different experiences to cater to its varied and long range of products. With View In Your Room, you can see how a product would look and fit inside your home before buying it. “Virtual Try-On” lets customers see how a pair of sneakers or glasses would look on themselves in real life by using their phone camera.


Coca-Cola has been using AR technology to provide a novel experience to its experience multiple times over the years. In the past, Coca-Cola has been seen circulating AR-enabled cans, that give their customers an immersive and engaging experience by either popping up an animated and lighthearted story that revolves around some kind of conflict or leads to a positive message or even a one-of-a-kind Ava Max AR concert. Coca-Cola has also introduced the Y3000 AI experience, wherein anyone can take a picture of their surroundings on their mobile phone and create a futuristic version of it.


As technology develops, many more innovations and applications of AR will come forth that will reshape the modern-day digital customer journey. Along with enhancing the customer experience, AR is making companies more visible resulting in higher client engagement, consumer loyalty, and boosted profits.

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